Civil / Geotechnical Engineering

American Geotech, Inc. (AGI), is a professional service company specializing in Civil/Geotechnical Engineering and Material Testing. Our Engineers are licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. Our Material Testing Laboratory has been accredited by AASHTO’s Reference Laboratories both AMRL for Soils & CCRL for Concrete. AGI has been established since 1990. Projects include the investigation and foundation engineering of Power Plants, Airport Paving and Structures, Industrial, Commercial and Transportation Facilities.
  Test Boring and

AGI owns the Drilling Rigs and Support Equipment needed to perform Subsurface Investigation, such as Test Borings, Rock Coring and Geoprobe Sampling.
  Geophysical Testing

AGI owns Ground Penetration Radar (GPR), Eletromagnetic EM31, Earth Resistivity Survey Equipment, a Metal Detector, and Seismograph, and has extensive experience in detecting Sinkholes and Voids in Soils and Carbonate Rocks. The capability of detecting and understanding carbonate geology can provide safe and specialized foundations, such as Compaction Grouting and Micropile Foundations, to support Buildings, Bridges, and other Structures.
  Dam Break Analysis & Dam Emergency Action Plan
AGI has extensive experience in producing Dam Emergency Action Plans for high hazard dams and performing watershed modeling, using recently developed computer programs, for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis. AGI performs dam breach analysis and routing using HEC-1, HEC-RAS, FHWA HY-8, BOSS’ Dam Break and other current programs. AGI also prepares Emergency Action Plans and Downstream Flood Inundation maps.
  Earthquake & Seismicity

AGI has performed Seismic Hazard Assessment, Probabilistic Analysis, Earthquake Load Evaluations, Liquefaction Analysis, and Site Selection for Nuclear, Fossil, Hydro and LNG Tank projects. Project experience includes: Nuclear Power Plants in the USA & Overseas, Liquefaction & Earthquake Loads for Power Plants in China, Taiwan, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Turkey and Kuwait.